Lord, There is None Like You

I cannot escape Jesus.  He captivates me.  No other faith system has what the follower of Christ has.  Consider the following:

Were you born under bad circumstances? Jesus was born in a cave.  His first crib was an animal feeding trough. The only attendants to his birth besides Mary and Joseph were smelly animals and smelly shepherds. (Luke 2:7-16)

Did you have a rough beginning? Jesus’ life was threatened as a child by the ruler of his world–the murderous Herod–and his family had to move to save Jesus from death. (Matthew 2:13-17)

Ashamed of where you grew up? Jesus grew up in Nazareth, which apparently was despised by the people of his time. (Luke 2:39-40; John 1:45-46)

Mistreated by your family? Jesus’ own family mocked him and did not believe he was the Christ. (John 7:3-5)

Are/were your parents absent when you needed them the most? Though it’s not explicitly stated, it’s likely that Jesus’ earthly father Joseph was dead during Jesus’ ministry. This was probably the most difficult time of Jesus’ life. He could only turn to God the Father, which he did continually. (John 19:25-27)

Are you without a spouse or having other romantic problems? Jesus never married, and even by his mid-thirties, when he was crucified, he had never experienced the romantic love of a woman.

Have few friends, or none you feel you can count on? Jesus’ own followers wouldn’t keep watch as he prayed and sweated blood.  They denied knowing Jesus when he was in the custody of the Jewish authorities. And, of course, it was one closest to Jesus–Peter–who betrayed him. (Matthew 26:37-46; Matthew 26:69-75; Matthew 26:49-50)

Disheartened by the suffering in the world, and afraid of suffering yourself? Jesus was captured by his enemies, made to be naked and mocked, spat upon and beaten, and nailed to a tree. (Matthew 27:28-30; Luke 23:33)

Disappointed in the government? Jesus was accused falsely of treason against the Roman Empire by his own people, the Jews, and was executed by the government. (Luke 23:1-2; John 19:13-16)

Feel like God is not to be found? Jesus felt the presence of the Father leave him while he was on the Cross, and he was in spiritual agony because of it. (Matthew 27:46)

Jesus claimed a one-to-one correspondence with God the Father (John 8:58, John 10:30-33).  That means our God has walked a few miles in our shoes.  He’s not distant, unfeeling and uncaring.  He knows what we feel.  He’s been there.

Lord, there is none like You.


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